As much as we love eyewear, it is more of an extension of our love for design & fashion. Here is a small selection of culture we are inspired by.


Experince the world of Kuboraum at Black Optical -

Tulsa / Dallas / Oklahoma City.


Kuboraum Eyewear is the creative project founded by Livio Garziottin and Sergio Eusebi. Finding inspiration in organic, concrete, and monumental forms, each pair is hand carved, burned, embelished into a wearble scultpture that resembles Brutalist architecture more than a standard pair of eyeglasses. David Lynch, Oprah, & Lady Gaga, among other notables, are known to be fans of the designers.

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Those who know us, know that our love of food in on par with our love eyewear. Well, when you combine the 2, magic happens.  Our fellow four-eyed friend Shannon Smith aka Beads and Basil shares her favorite spring recipe, along with a few words about her BLACK OPTICAL experience .... 



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Gary Black and Stirling Barrett for KREWE

Black and Barrett’s unique friendship stemmed from an appreciation for design, culture, and of course – eyewear.


This collaboration of ideas between friends has turned into a full fledged signature collection, complete with an array of mid century frames perfect for any vintage lover.

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