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Barton Perreira Autumn Winter 2017

The Barton Perreira Autumn/Winter 2017 collection represents the next generation in the brand’s continuously growing evolution. Taking inspiration from many of her motivational heroes such as Misty Copeland, Irena Sendler, Sergei Poulin and Alvar Aalto, designer Patty Perreira sought to design a collection that truly encapsulates the “bold” rebellious personalities of each of these subjects by paying homage to them through unique and distinct style characteristics.


The versatile collection consists of many timeless unisex frames in rimless, zyl, and metal styles. The collection encompasses a sense of romanticism and weightlessness. Unique techniques are introduced in styles such as the Sol-Mate, Espiritu, Griffin, Sergei and Copeland. The Sol-Mate features an exclusive snakeskin textured print on special nylite lenses. The frame utilizes an innovating never-before-seen 3D printing process that produces the seductive and realistic exotic skin pattern on top of the lens. Espiritu, inspired by vintage frames worn by none other than musician and icon Cher, features beveled lenses to create a striking “floating” effect. An intricately mixed media technique was used in the design of the Griffin, Rhiannon and Elon styles. These particular frames contain two different materials, designed independently that are then combined together, creating industrial frames that are both structurally innovative and stylish. 

The 60s mod notes are ever present in styles such as Vashon and Mahina. These styles incorporate a vintage inspired filigree frame combined with unique jewel toned lenses in opulent colors such as Amethyst, Emerald, and Sapphire. The titanium base provides a lightness and ease, which Barton Perreira is distinctively known for.


Designed with precision and flare, the Autumn Winter 2017 collection will certainly give loyal fans of the brand the much needed shakeup they desired. 

Handmade in Japan using only the finest materials, Barton Perreira eyewear is distinctive in design, precision, and fit with a refined aesthetic and one-of-a-kind finishes. Price points range from $395-$660. Available our Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Dallas and Newport Beach showrooms, along with a curated collection available on our webstore


Patty Perreira’s love for Jamaica runs deep. With a home on the west side, the culture, music and spirit of the Caribbean island is a common source of inspiration seen throughout many of her designs.

Recently, Patty spent the day with world-class Jamaican surfer, Elishama Beckford and Shacia Marley, a DJ and granddaughter of the legendary Bob. “Having them here in my design studio, it didn’t feel like we were on Abbot Kinney anymore. We had traveled back to my favorite slice of paradise.” - Patty Perreira