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Meet the Team


    Founder & President

    What is the most obscure thing on your bucket list?

    Taking my wife on her dream adventure- an 18 month RV trip around North America.

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    What is your favorite card or board game?

    I love a good board game, but Phase 10 has to be my favorite. I used to play all of the time with my Grandma Reatha, so I always think of her when I play & it makes me smile.

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    What is your soul food?

    Noodles. Vietnamese style noodles. Ramen noodles. Pad Thai noodles. Noodles.

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    What is your favorite place to travel?

    I love to travel and have new experiences, so any place with my family and friends.

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    Showroom Assistant

    What is your favorite place to travel?

    Rio De Janeiro, Brazil! There's no place like it. The views are unmatched, the people are unbelievably friendly, and the food will have you changing the notch on your belt on day two of your trip.

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    Dr. Emily


    What tips do you give to patients to maintain good eye health?

    Always have a colorful plate; the natural color from food supports the overall nutrition of your eyes.

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    What are the best practices to care for your eyewear?

    Never leave them in your car, even in the case. The lens coatings have been carefully crafted and high heat will damage the lenses.

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    What is the most important thing to consider when selecting new frames?

    How you feel- you need to be comfortable in your frames.

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    Lab Manager

    What options are available when customizing lenses?

    Solid, gradient, light, or dark- with almost endless color options.

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