We got to chat with artist and photographer, Crawford Connaway. Meet Crawford.

What’s your story?

Just a kid from Seattle, moved to Dallas 8 years ago. A history buff when it comes to fashion. Photography started from pressing buttons to keep occupied but capture who I am, where I’m at, how i’m feeling.

I want to show people how I see myself; for it to be more genuine, add an artistic perspective, and have an emotional connection and impact. All photoshoots so far have been in my clothes from vintage Supreme collaboration with Wacky Record - to Bianca Chandon.

Film vs. Digital?

Film looks cool.

Influences and Inspirations?

Glenn O’Brien. Glenn O’Brien’s TV Party. How To Be A Man by Glenn O’Brien. Catch his drift?

“Change is the highest level of rebellion. I don’t believe in genre because you can’t free yourself. You can’t have happiness without sadness, so I learned to be content. Influence is like currency for artists.” says Connaway.

What style of glasses are you attracted to?

Great grandfather was an optometrist and owned a prominent optical back in Washington where Challon Crawford, his grandmother, ‘always had the nicest glasses’. Though, he never met his great grandmother, her legacy is strongly tied within his roots.

Favorite digs in Dallas?

Love Black Optical! 4510 is monumental for fashion in Dallas.

Can’t live without?

Cool clothes & ART!




Jacques Marie Mage- Daumesnil / Max Pittion- Kingston

See more of Crawford Connaway by visiting his Instagram: @crawfordconnaway.