“This represents my search for the meaning of love. A journey that taught me I can’t find love until I love myself. I also learned that love involves pain, it hurts but it’s a good hurt.”


“I start with a pen on canvas, seeing where it goes, and letting my hand flow. The connecting lines are projections of my thoughts on the canvas. The thoughts running wild and free in my brain, connecting everywhere and leading to my understanding.”


“Time is non-existent when I’m working on art. It’s an outlet; channeling my raw emotions into something productive. Music plays a vital role in my art; it uncovers the emotion. As an artist you can question, is what I am doing art? Or is it something that anyone could do? Are ‘they’ going to like this? Music was my first expression of art, but it never fully clicked for me. When I was younger I mostly created for fun, but now I see it as an emotional expression.”


“Growing up I struggled with recognizing and embracing my emotions, especially as a black man I felt I wasn’t supposed to express my emotions in this artistic form. Before, I tried to mask my artistic side, but I’ve learned to embrace my emotions through art.”


“I nearly discarded this piece. There was anger in me about this piece so I used this black spray paint to draw the black line across the drawing and threw it to the side. My brother picked it up and it spoke to him. He understood it right away, that’s when it clicked for me. This is art. This is my emotions on canvas”

“This piece represents me letting all my emotional demons go. A decision to let peace and love rule instead of any ‘cop out’ mechanism…that allows me to feel numb. It represents a decision to let go of the negativity in my life.”


“Go bigger. I definitely will continue to pursue my passion for art. Things seem to come when the time is right so I just want to let it happen.”


“You know moms, they are always happy when their kids find something productive to do.”