“You shouldn’t have to sacrifice fashion or technology with active eyewear…

“Whether you’re going for a run or enjoying a day outside in the sun, KREWE ACTIVE sunglasses are designed with the same modern style that people love and expect from KREWE, all with sport-ready construction and active-focused features, making them lighter with more grip and durable enough for any activity,”

-Stirling Barrett, founder/creative director KREWE EYEWEAR

Pictured - ELLIS Matte Black / Matte Mist / Polarized



The KREWE ACTIVE bio-plastic collection landed at BLACK OPTICAL DALLAS. A few quick facts regarding the collection:

KREWE ACTIVE’S Bio Plastic is made from organic African plant waste, resulting in a 50% bio-neatural material, a smooth matte finish. Each KREWE ACTIVE sunglasses are as structurally sound as they are stylish. Another great feature is the vented brow for when situations get steamy.

Pictured - LABORDE Matte Ice / Polarized Mirror




Each pair comes equipped with polarized lenses and backside anti-reflective coatings. Polarized lenses block glare and reflections on surfaces like water, snow, sand, car windshields, while the UV coatings protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Think of it as sunscreen for your eyes.

In addition to the protective filters, KREWE ACTIVE features additonal sports ready technology

- Anti-fog coating keeps the water and heat from clogging your vision
- Anti-smudge coatings resist oil, sweat and fingerprints
- Polarized + UVA/B sunglasses lenses
- Anti Reflective coatings for increased glare reduction

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Pictured - FERRIS Matte Arbor / Polarized