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A tale from the theo Story Store (based on a true story)
The streets are filling up. People everywhere. All different, and yet indifferent. Everyone walks past everyone. And then it happens. A feeling.  Something is coming your way. You look up. A man winks. A woman smiles. A child waves at you. Someone says wow. Warm, cheerful, surprised, naughty. A wave of reactions. From complete strangers! That is the effect of a close encounter with your theo glasses. Glasses from theo never go unnoticed. Sonar is an ode to the unique message that theo is spreading worldwide. The waves start from the frame. They sway and return. With new impulses. That's what the Sonar radiates. Sender, Receiver, Frequency, Vibration, Wave, Echo and Sound. These are the seven models of the new Sonar family. With Sonar, theo created an optical new wave, a new sound of see. Finally, a piece of advice. Will these be your first theo glasses? Then get used to the compliments!

model: SENDER 500
color: 500
family: sonar
shape: Angular
material: Metal Single Colour
metal: Titanium
look 'n feel: Normal
boxing size: 47 - 22

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