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$ 195.00

Each Hubei turquoise bead is carefully selected and crafted into distinctive strands. Combining earthy hues and rustic charm, each chain echoes the flow of the mighty Rio Grande.

26" in length

Every stone is chosen with care and one-of-a-kind

Caring for turquoise; In our designs, we exclusively utilize natural, untreated turquoise sourced from various mines, ensuring a rich diversity in each piece. Due to its porous nature, it's crucial to avoid exposing turquoise to heat, lotions, or cosmetics, as these can cause surface discoloration. For cleaning, opt for a soft cotton cloth and gentle strokes, refraining from harsh cleaning agents or ultrasonic cleaners. Keep in mind that the natural oils from your skin may gradually impart a slight green tint to unstabilized turquoise over time—an evolving testament to its genuine beauty and enduring wear.

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