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A typeface for each face type. The new theo collection is an ode to Christophe Plantin, master of the early printing press. Even centuries after the first book was printed in Antwerp, the love for serif typefaces rubbed off on our theo designers working only a stone's throw away from the old print workshop. Rolling off the theo presses: the 'Characters' collection. The frames in stainless steel are inspired by the shape of the printed letter O, with thick strokes on the sides flowing into fine lines at the top and bottom. If there's one thing for certain, they will add 'character' to your face!

model: PALATINO 378 (367 + 303)
color: 378 (367 + 303)
family: characters
shape: Pilot
material: Metal Bi-Colour
metal: Stainless steel
look 'n feel: Light
boxing size: 52 - 17

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