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Fluorescent color gradation glass cord. A beautiful gradation is expressed in fluorescent colors within a single glass cord. It is handmade by craftsmen using Kasuri-zome, a traditional dyeing method in Kyoto. Kasuri-ori (kasuri-ori) may be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word kasuri-ori, but kasuri-ori is a type of textile in which a single thread is dyed in different colors in different places and then woven into a fabric. The dyeing technique is called "Kasuri-zome". After dyeing this glass cord in a fluorescent color, both ends were dyed black, creating a beautiful gradation of fluorescent color and black. The cord of this product is made of polyester, which is soft and flexible. Manufactured at a factory in Japan. Black parts with design accents Since there are no fluorescent dyes, we developed a color similar to fluorescent colors by mixing dyes. The color scheme has been perfected through repeated trial and error. The metal parts are black and give a sharp impression.

No other glass cord has such an impact and high fashion approach. Please enjoy the coordination. This product is dyed by hand by craftsmen, so there may be individual differences in the degree of gradation of the string.

Total length 76cm
Cord width 0.4cm
Cord thickness 0.4cm
Country of production: Japan
Material: Japanese polyester cord

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