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Akoni’s new Icarus design is inspired by mindset of Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano, with the vintage-inspired aviator frame spotlighting the strength of perfectly formed components that are more typically concealed. In addition, those familiar signature brand embellishments that set Akoni apart — recalling timeless finishing touches customarily found on the finest luxury pens and lighters — also surprise, with new and unexpected placements.For centuries, the cautionary tale of Icarus crashing to Earth after flying too close to the sun has been used as a warning, teaching the necessity of self-control and moderation. We believe there’s a clear need to highlight countervailing arguments: how about celebrating daring, exploration and adventure? For where would we be today without our modern Icaruses, those who refuse to clip their wings, and instead dare to dream of pushing past restrictive limitations imposed by others? Think of what we would have lost, for example, without the audaciousness gamble of Rogers and Piano, fifty years ago.

  • Display Name: Icarus – Matte Black/Gold
  • SKU: AKS-206A-58
  • Size (mm): 58/15-147
  • Weight (gr): 39.3
  • Hinges: Custom titanium threaded tube screw system
  • Temples: Custom titanium with fluted round component
  • Temple Tips: Japanese acetate tipped with branded titanium and custom screws
  • Nose Pads: Titanium coated ceramic w/beta-titanium arms
  • Sun Lenses: Gradient, dark grey/light grey, 4-base CR-39 w/three-layer anti-reflective coating
  • Country of Origin: Made in Japan


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