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Luxury 2 glasses case
When you think of a collection box for eyeglasses, many people think of a box-shaped case that can store multiple glasses. Although there are various designs, there are very few cases where it is used as a fashion item or as an interior accessory. Introducing the 2-pack version of STORAGE BOX TYPE 5, which was produced as a 5-pack case.

When you open the zipper, two pockets will appear from inside. This pocket has no fixed dividers, so it will automatically adjust to fit a mix of large and small frames. The pockets are made of synthetic suede. It is smooth to the touch and provides a comfortable space for glasses and sunglasses.

High quality Italian leather appearance
The front side of this case is made of high-quality leather imported from Italy. European leather is of very high quality in terms of the quality of the raw hide and the way the color comes out, and you can really feel that.

This product is manufactured using Japanese sewing and is durable. I think it is rare to find a case that can balance this point with good design. We would be happy if you could incorporate it into your lifestyle, whether it's for everyday use, for indoor storage, or as a gift.

Precautions for use (Please read carefully)
This product uses dyed genuine leather. If you rub it on clothing when it is wet, color transfer may occur. Please be especially careful on rainy days or when wearing light-colored clothing. As it is made of natural leather, there may be individual differences in appearance. As this product is made to take advantage of the original texture of leather, there may be some blood lines. With repeated use, the color will change over time and the color will become deeper. The product comes with an original drawstring bag.

Size: 6cm x 6cm x 18cm
Country of origin: Japan
Outer: Italian cowhide
Inside: Polyester

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