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"Eye-catcher in this special broadcast: people reported seeing sixties celebrities like Elvis P., Liz T., Jackie K. or Debbie H. everywhere. Holograms, lookalikes, mass hysteria, fake news? On closer inspection, they were just ordinary individuals with extraordinary glasses from the exclusive Pop art family of theo eyewear." So much for the TVS press release.  A. Warhol must be sniggering somewhere in higher realms. The names of the 4 Pop art models refer to his famous star portraits. For the bold contours, the colors and the printing dots, fashion godchild Tim Van Steenbergen and theo found inspiration with Roy Liechtenstein.  TVS Pop art glasses on?  Then you have a nose for art.

model: TVS DEBBIE 433 (353 + 305)
color: 433 (353 + 305)
family: pop art
shape: Panto
material: Metal Bi-Colour
metal: Stainless steel
look 'n feel: Heavy
boxing size: 50 - 19

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