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Renewal model of wave eyewear stand. The wave-shaped eyewear stand, which was released in 2016 and attracted a lot of attention for its visual impact, has been recreated using bonded leather. Bonded leather is a sheet of leather made by hardening finely crushed leather with latex resin. The leather looks like cork, but when you touch it, it feels like rubber. This product has a recycling theme, and in addition to the bonded leather used for the main body, the package drawstring is also made from recycled cotton. This drawstring bag can be used for secondary purposes, and when you take out the handle on the inside, it transforms into a tote bag. Please make use of it until the end. We hope you will enjoy decorating your eyewear at home or at work. In addition to glasses, this stand can also be used to prop up smartphones and tablets, so please try using it for your everyday items as well.

Width 9cm 10cm width 15cm height 4cm
Country of production: Japan
Material: Cowhide

This product uses dyed genuine leather. If you rub it on clothing when it is wet, color transfer may occur. Please be especially careful on rainy days or when wearing light-colored clothing. As it is made of natural leather, there may be individual differences in appearance. As this product is made to take advantage of the original texture of leather, there may be some blood lines. With repeated use, the color will change over time and the color will become deeper.

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