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$ 750.00

Limited production of 300

If you find that staying in your lane does less good than harm, and you’d like to supe up your style with a distinctive mix of skill and charm, then look no further than these 50s-inspired Jacques Marie Mage ASCARI spectacles that are sleek, slick, and bold. Put them on, and let the spirit of beloved racer Alberto Ascari take hold.

The Jacques Marie Mage ASCARI is a 50’s inspired, strong and audacious rectangular frame. It is made of 10mm block acetate with custom double-laminated acetate temples featuring precious metal hardware.

Handcrafted in Japan.

– Italian-handcrafted leather case
– Microfiber cleaning cloth/pocket square
– Hard-shelled, silk fabric-covered packaging
– Letterhead press certificate with limited edition serial number and craftsmen signature

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