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Trend Report Mustard Sun Lenses



A sunnier look of the world during the grey months ahead.

When the weather starts to turn grey and cold, nothing brightens our days quite like mustard tint sunglasses. Without fail we get an extra kick in our step, smile on our faces, and a sunny disposition on the season ahead.

Worn by iconic characters such as Hunter S Thompson and Walter Sobchak, IT girls such as Bella & Gigi Hadid, and Broad City’s Abbi & Ilana. With the right shape and confidence to match, anyone can wear this look effortlessly. Just steer clear of emulating Ali G’s style.

In addition to style points, mustard lenses, aka shooting tint, are designed with eye health benefits in mind. Initially designed to increase contrast during target practice, while reducing harmful blue light. Not only will this trend boost your style, they will also help you see better and reduce eye fatigue. That’s a win-win.

Images used courtesy of (top –> bottom) : Ahlem Eyewear via,, District Vision.