Sartorialnolift Interview

“Anything and everything to do with clothing, but Webster’s dictionary describes it as relating to tailoring or styling of dress. It is my reinterpretation of the classical contour line drawing cyphen into a specific category which is the most passionate part of my life - fashion, creativity, brand content imaging. Clothing or anything relating to - all without lifting the pen. I’ve connected a natural flow of the line, a connection between the flow of expression in fashion and the way in which the clothes is represented. When you don’t lift your pen, it brings a looseness or freedom to the drawing. Contour line drawing allows you to bring a form of expression that allows the viewer to connect the lines for themselves in what way they want to.”


“At first, it was me sitting on a train in Europe doodling without lifting my pen of Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld with a thicker marker. It looked cartoon looking, but I enjoyed the final product. It felt great, looked great then I decided to continue the style of my other favorite designers. It came to a point where I switched to a ballpoint pen. The lines felt finer and looser. Quicker ones, very loose ones. It makes me feel whole. For color, I try to only use pigmented material. Wines, edible flowers, strawberries. I’ll bite into the strawberry and color it on the page. Coffee, dijon mustard. Skin of plum.”

Adventures into art:

“Just bloomed from drawing all my life and creating things. My parents are accountants. I’m the creative black sheep.

The 6 foot piece for the Traffic LA window took an hour and a half to complete while laying on my stomach. I have to finish it all in one sitting. I paced the one hundred and forty dollar paper back and forth for forty-five minutes. This is going to be the largest representation of me, I scrolled through image after image knowing I wanted something of Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garcon. I’m looking, looking, looking, and I found it. I didn’t question why but I did it. Wabi-sabi is the precise art of imperfection from Japanese culture, which is everything about me. Refined but messed up.” 

Creative energy:

“Wherever there’s a piece of paper”. 

Valued lessons:

“First always, continually be humble. No matter what aspect of life you come from, wherever it may be, search for what we truly believe in as expression of your true self. I’ve become hyper-aware to be truly Ruben. This is Ruben, this is what you’re going to get, i’m asking you to take me and this is what I am.

Can’t live without:

“The privilege to have human connection”.