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Patty Perreira is the Co-Founder, Designer and one-half of the duo behind legendary brand Barton Perreira. She began the first 18 years of her career consulting the eyewear collections of such names as Paul Smith, Prada, to Vera Wang. With extensive knowledge and years of experience in the industry, Perrierra made the huge decision to embark in her own line of eyewear along side Bill Barton. In 2007, Barton Perreira was formed.

Each piece of Barton Perreira eyewear has a commitment to innovation and superior quality. The meticulously designed frames are handmade in Japan using ancient technique to create an exclusive piece as unique as the wearer. Each exquisite piece is an inspiration to collectors world wide.

Perreira gave us an intimate look into her Venice Beach home- where her strong ascetic and design are apparent throughout.

From her beloved vintage Yves Saint Laurent pink silk blouse to the characters in the Lego movie, she shares what gives her inspiration for the brand that continues to shape the fashion and eyewear industry.

Here is a bit more about the timeless Patty Perreira…

Where is your favorite place to travel and why?

Jamaica….it’s a magical place. I feel really good there! I also never pass up an opportunity to travel to Japan!

Where would you like to go that you haven’t been yet?

Portugal….I would like to spend time exploring the history and culture of some of my ancestors.

What inspires you?

I find inspiration in most everything, but it’s really the visionaries in art, architecture and music who remain true to their art form that continue to inspire me.

Best advice you’ve ever received?

With out a doubt… start my own business.

Tell us about your love of jewelry and how it influences your designs.

I am completely obsessed. There are many details I incorporate into my designs….beautiful filigree engraving, enamel in-lays, jewel-tone colors, metal textures, shapes, etc….

Favorite period of fashion?

I love them all, but I am particularly fond of the early-mid 60’s.

Favorite 1960’s fashion designer?

André Courrèges

Favorite musician/band?

Bob Marley and the Wailers and Amy Winehouse.

Favorite style of architecture/favorite building?

Mid-Century / My favorite building is the Theme Building at LAX by Pereira & Luckman. I fantasize about moving it to the desert and living in it!

Favorite Barton Perreira ad campaign?

Spring/Summer 2012 campaign with the Hot Air Balloon.

Celeb crush?

I just saw Mad Max Fury Road last night so right now it’s probably Tom Hardy. However, that could change at any time.

Favorite gift you’ve ever received?

My Barbara Feldon Warhol piece.

If there was a movie produced about your life, who would play you?

Wyldstyle from the Lego Movie

What song best describes your work ethic?

All Eyez on Me - Tupac

What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

Starting Barton Perreira

What brings you the greatest joy?

My Family and friends.

Last book you read?

Yves Saint Laurent’s Studio Mirror and Secrets

What is on your bucket list?

I have not made one yet, but I guess I better get on it! I would love to meet the Dalai Lama.

Favorite item in your closet?

My Kama Sutra Cameo Cocktail Ring by Katherine Wallach. The ring consists of 7 small cameos depicting the seven daily positions of The Kama Sutra. Katherine only makes four of each piece and the detail on it is amazing.

Most beloved vintage piece?

An Yves Saint Laurent pink silk blouse purchased on eBay. Also, a John Paul Gautier jacket from his collection inspired by Moulin Rouge in Spring 2011.

Where did your love of vintage jewelry and fashion derive from?

My mom. Growing up, we didn’t have a lot of money so my mom would make a lot of our clothing. My mom is Hawaiian so there were a lot of bright fabrics used as well as patterns.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Stop being so hard on yourself, enjoy the moment. Don’t take yourself or life too seriously.

Preferred social media channel?


Who’s your hero?

My Mom

In and Out or Shake Shack?

Neither, I’m a Vegan.

Favorite spots in NYC?

The 26th Street Flea Market, The Met and Take Care Spa in the East Village.

Favorite piece in your collection this season?

The Barton Perreira x Christian Roth “Affair” sunglass I designed. It is a modern interpretation of a sunglass that Christian created 30 years ago.

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