Family plays an important in Black Optical’s culture.

As our kids discover the world of pop culture and fashion at a much younger age, shouldn’t they take our lead? We’d like to think so. 

Black Optical is excited to announce a new line for kids by MYKITA- Bringing our favorite things together: family and impeccable design.

MYKITA, who shares a similar company culture, and happens to make some of the most durable frames in the industry, is exactly the smart children’s line we’ve been looking for. 

We love the sturdy practicality balanced with the sense of fashion, without the fluff. The collection, consisting of twenty frames, are made from all surgical steel in an origami style that has the added benefit of requiring little to no maintenance while feeling ultimately light. All glasses are sealed with a rubber coating, giving the entire frame a robust and scratch-resistant surface.

MYKITA Kids frames are the most chic wardrobe additions to suit the trends of the season for even the coolest kids. In fact, we believe in this line so much that we put our own kids in them. 

What do you get when you put four kids in a photography studio with more toys than they know what to do with? Well, we think it is our cutest photo shoot yet. 

Nelson, 4 years old
Opal, 6 years old
Solomon, 4 years old
Elsa, 3 years old