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Krewe X Black Optical






For a limited-time, the New Orlean’s designer, KREWE will be showcasing its entire line of sun and newly-released ophthalmic frames with a pop-up installation at our Dallas showroom.

As great design evolves over time, so do relationships. This is certainly the case with Stirling Barrett and Gary Black, the respective founders of KREWE and Black Optical. What began three years ago as an introductory sales call has now flourished into a true collaboration of ideas, stemming from a mutual admiration for eyewear design and the creative industry.

“We took that initial ‘not right now’, and we were determined to return to Black Optical with a line that is on par with the best eyewear brands in the world,” Barrett said.

“In the art world of eyewear, Gary is one of the pinnacle curators. To have him as a friend and learn from his industry insight has meant a lot to us. We could not be more excited to bring our vision home to Dallas, one of the most dynamic retail markets in the US.”

With idea-sharing and design knowledge at the core of the partnership, the KREWE ✕ Black Optical collaboration is a promising step for both brands. Its influence is seen in KREWE’s latest ophthalmic and SS17 collections, which utilizes both form and function while emphasizing a comfortable everyday fit, regardless of face shape or prescription strength.

KREWE is now available at our Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Dallas showrooms.