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If you spend a few moments with the Black Optical team, you’ll soon discover we love food, and believe it’s best when shared among friends, colleagues and loved ones. And, something we can all agree upon is that nothing is more Southern than BBQ.

This will be my best attempt to document BBQ as I travel between Black Optical locations.

Driving past 18th & Boston on any given more, you could easily confuse the line of Tulsans “out the door, & around block”, as the latest Yeezy drop or Record Store Day. That would not be the case. This particular line is for BURN CO.  Lunch-goers start lining up around 10am, & before the clock strikes noon, Burn Co. will sell out of most of their menu. Luckily, they have a menu option called the Frankenstein, which is basically remnants of whatever is left.  

This particular visit, DARSHAN (Black Optical’s Creative Director) & I ordered and shared brisket & pulled pork sandwiches, order of ribs & cole slaw. Their slaw is of my personal favorites in town.  Easy to tell cabbage is fresh & cut by hand, resulting is a thicker cut than other BBQ joints. Their ribs have great flavor, & don’t need any sauce.  But, I’m never disappointed if they are sold out.  Their pork sandwich, on the other hand, is devastating if sold out.  So moist & flavorful-easily making it worth the wait in line.  - GARY BLACK