Stacy Suvino loves grilled cheese sandwiches. In fact, she loves anything with cheese. Some could say she’s a connoisseur of the fine delectable of dairy.

Aside from her affinity of fine cheeses, our beloved Stylist and Set Designer confesses her first love- New York, New York.

Suvino spent 5 years in the heartland of New York City where she attended and graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology. She later worked under the direction of David Hoey and Linda Fargo in the windows of Bergdorf Goodman gaining experience and curating her talents in Visual Presentation.

Suvino recently visited New York City and documented her trip. Her stops included a visit to her old stomping grounds at Bergdorf’s and a visit to a fashion exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, China: Through the Looking Glass. Stacy also takes us through some of her favorite spots, attractions, eateries, and vintage stores- capturing moments in her perspective of what makes New York her first love.

Visiting my favorite store and former workplace to see the window team.


David Hoey, Senior Director of Visual Presentation for Bergdorf Goodman. One of my dreams during my time of living in this city was to work for this man when I graduated from college. That dream came true with an internship during my second year of school and continued with a job after I graduated. He and every artist there that I worked with left an indelible impression on me.


I had the opportunity to see the fashion exhibit at The Met- China: Through the Looking Glass. This Guo Pei Spring/Summer 2007, Haute Couture evening dress is just one of many spectacular pieces that was on display.


This woman’s Valentino boots are so good.


One of my favorite things to do in the city is shop multiple flea markets. This one I frequent because of the amazing selection of vintage jewelry.


Spending the day in the West Village.


Being a stylist and set decorator, I always keeping my eye open for visually engaging things. Here is a cute and charming spot on Canal Street.


Shadow and light on 59th street.


This is Aaron. I saw him on my way to the museum and thought he seemed interesting. I asked if I could take his photo. His response: "Well ok, but make it quick" and then he gave the biggest smile.


Geometry and Chinese lanterns in Chinatown.


I chased this lady down the block to get this photo and I think it was worth it. That taxi cab hat is pretty great.


Back in the neighborhood and feeling nostalgic. So many great memories in this apartment.


Lunch at Cafe Habana. The grilled corn is amazing!


Farewell New York. Until next time.