Meet the Team

Gary Black

Founder & President

What is the most obscure thing on your bucket list?

Taking my wife on her dream adventure- an 18 month RV trip around North America.

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Chris Howells

Team Leader/Licensed Optician

What artist inspires you most?

I’m most inspired by the art of dance… so Fred Astaire.

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Christy Craig

E-Commerce & Development Team Leader

If you could go back in time to any era what would it be?

I love the 1980s! Give me a night out in the dance revolution. Fashion was one of the most experimental in style history. I love how clothes were used to define personalities and make big statements. Power shoulders, haute scrunchies, giant earings, the current popular excersize clothing thing (yep started in the 80s), and let’s not forget the peacock punk -anything goes. 

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Courtney Campbell

Chief Operating Officer

What is your perfect meal?

Any meal where you are surrounded by loved ones and no one is in a rush. You dine for hours, where the conversation is just as filling as the food. And rule of thumb, wine and something chocolate should always be on the table.

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David Caldwell


What is the most obscure thing on your bucket list? 

India. Then Antartica.

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John Bean

Licensed Optician

What’s your soul food?

Tacos. I have literally driven to Mexico just to eat tacos.

Ryan Bowling

Partner & OKC Manager

What is your soul food.

My homemade spaghetti and meatballs.

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Yen Nguyen


What is your favorite era in history?

Mesozoic era. It’s incredible to think that the world once consisted of only land, water and dinosaurs.

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