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UW10 (codenamed such for the 10-year anniversary of Wang’s brand) was undertaken as a follow-up development of another successful prior collaboration, UW1. Taking on the fil rouge that ran through Wang’s lineup (the golden age of Pompeii), we zoomed in on the smallest element of the decorative arts of the Roman Empire and extrapolated it into something uncommonly inventive. The use of eco-conscious bio-acetate to create a unique side shield was conceived as a way to invoke the inspiration of ancient mosaic glass tiles—as vivid now as they were 2000years ago, relicts of Pompeii preserved by Vesuvius and the passage of time.

Another inspiration that etched its way into the design: the magnificent stained glass windows at La Sagrada Família, conceptualized by the great Antoni Gaudi and designed and produced by artist Joan Vila- Grau, a highlight of our recent tour of Barcelona.
Ultimately the frame was given the nickname “The Shanghai”, in honor of an artful treasure of Wang’s base city: exquisite Old Shanghai Art Deco stained glass windows, a legacy of the once-flourishing, now forgotten Jesuit Tushanwan Orphanage and its exceptional young foundling apprentices.

Available in 5 flattering shades, each a literal rendering of seeing the world through tinted glasses.

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