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MOLINO 55 x Diamond Cross Ranch

$ 825.00

Limited edition of 250

The heritage and natural beauty of the American West hone this limited edition collaboration between Jacques Marie Mage and Diamond Cross Ranch. Leaning into the breathtaking settings and legendary cowboy history of Jackson Hole’s most iconic ranch, The Molino 55, has been revisioned in vibrant colors that channel the many moods of the Teton Valley. Custom silver work brands each collectible, reflecting a rich legacy of big dreams, brimmed hats, and hard saddles. The shape of rebellion sophistication, the Molino 55 is an astute mix of volume and balance, a handcrafted heirloom of solid construction and subtle bevel detailing. These acclaimed frames feature our signature precious metal embellishments for this special project, including sterling silver Diamond Cross Ranch emblem at the perfectly polished temple tip.

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