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$ 800.00

Limited edition of 350

With a steady hand and unerring gaze, accept these spectacles as your guide. Named for famed French cavalry general Francois Etienne de Kellerman, they are daringly designed and skillfully sculpted with precision and poise, as rich with character as your own resume of achievement and resilience. May you continue to serve your cause with distinction and attract deserved notice of your brilliance. A new addition to Jacques Marie Mage’s Optical Collection, the KELLERMAN is a sculptural, modified Panto-shaped frame with signature precious metal details and a unique paddle temple.

Handcrafted in Japan.

– Italian-handcrafted leather case
– Microfiber cleaning cloth/pocket square
– Hard-shelled, silk fabric-covered packaging
– Letterhead press certificate with limited edition serial number and craftsmen signature

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