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The cathedral of Antwerp, the Notre Dame, the Sagrada Familia: famous for their stained glass windows that put you in diverse moods with their warm glow and countless shades of sunlight. theo doesn't need fifty shades for your ideal sunglasses. With the Stained Glass Family theo created five brand new models. With each and every ray of sunshine they will put you in the mood for a unique feel-good experience. And what about the black acrylic lines around the frames? The lead around your stained glass windows, of course! The names Henri (Matisse), Marianne (Peretti), Josef (Albers), Sigmar (Polke) and Joaquin (Torres-Garcia) refer to world-renowned stained-glass artists. theo sunglasses make you wanna feel the sun!

model: JOSEF 39
color: 39
family: stained glass
shape: Panto
material: Acetate
look 'n feel: Heavy
boxing size: 44 - 29

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