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Aluminium got us to the moon, now it will launch your look to higher places. If it is light enough to lift Apollo 11 off the earth, it is the right material to boost the volume of our metal designs. The light weight of aluminium is the secret behind the bulkiness of these frames, carved like a piece of sculpture out of a solid aluminium block. The flex system that connects the temples is encapsulated, just like the joints of a spaceship. Inspired by the first men on the moon, Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins, theo keeps pushing the boundaries of eyewear fashion.  A small step for you, a giant leap for your style!

model: COLLINS 431 (7119 + 754)
color: 431 (7119 + 754)
family: astronauts
shape: Panto
material: Metal Bi-Colour
metal: Aluminum
look 'n feel: Normal
boxing size: 45 - 24

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