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In 1972, EYEVAN made a start with a concept of “Eyewear for dressing as a fashion item” and in 1985, it made a sensational world debut. EYEVAN product known for its timeless design and when we look into hand-written drawings or archives of EYEVAN, we can see Japan’s genuine craftsmanship and creativity and enthusiasm of design team of those days. 

The temple core is a newly added icon which has a stripe pattern engraving arranged on EYEVAN 7285 aluminum case. In contrast to the thick front view inspired by the 1950’s, the fabric is minimize to 5mm thickness to produce a proper balance.

  • Handmade in Japan
  • This model has the 3 dots hinges inspired by MA-1 (Military wear) zipper part manufactured in the 1960s which is an iconic part of EYEVAN 7285
  • Adjustable nose pads for international fit
  • Inspired by the 1950's

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