As much as we love eyewear, it is more of an extension of our love for design & fashion. Here is a small selection of culture we are inspired by.

Invision Magazine - America's Finest Optical Retailers

Leading optical industry magazine InVision chose Black Optical Dallas among the 10 Finest Optical Retailers in America. Gary sat down with the magazine to talk design, philosphy, what it means to be a retailer in the digital age, and why Dallas is the best market for an Oklahoman to expand. Read an except after the jump, read the full interview at Invision Magazine


Written by Heath Burslem for Invision Magazine. Photos by Max Kutz and Shayna Fontana .

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Sabah House - In Residence

Sabah House in residence at Black Optical Tulsa
Sabahs, an original shoe based on a traditional shoemaking method.

Celebrated for their quality, comfort and unique look, travels the world selling Sabahs, one pair at a time. Black Optial Tulsa is hosting a two day residency with the Dallas, TX based shoe designer.

Shop Sabah - Nov 17/18th 10am-6pm   After Hours Social -  Nov 17th 5-9pm 

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