Dan Flavin

At Black Optical, everything we do involves light and color. Lenses bend light in order to give you clear vision and the perfect frames compliment the color of your eyes and the structure of your face.

It is only natural that we are attracted to the work of Dan Flavin, one of the icons of minimalism, known for his use of light and color in the impressive ‘propositions’ created using only tubes of fluorescent light.

Dan Flavin limited himself to working with straight fluorescent tubes in a palette of red, blue, pink, yellow, ultraviolet, and four different whites. Later he expanded his explorations to include circular fluorescent tubes.


While he got his start as a painter, inspired by the Abstract Expressionists like Jackson Pollack, Flavin quickly confined himself to using light after producing his famous Icons series in 1963. Like his contemporaries, Donald Judd and Sol LeWitt, Flavin’s proportions defied generally accepted conventions of art and sculpture.

During his recent trip to New York, Black Optical optician, John Bean had the pleasure of viewing the permanent installation of works by Dan Flavin at Dia:Beacon in Beacon, New York.