Written by Gary Black 

Kuboraum Eyewear is the creative project founded by Livio Garziottin and Sergio Eusebi. Finding inspiration in organic, concrete, and monumental forms, each pair is hand carved, burned, embelished into a wearble scultpture that resembles Brutalist architecture more than a standard pair of eyeglasses. David Lynch, Oprah, & Lady Gaga, among other notables, are known to be fans of the designers.  


Kuburaum is now available for purchase at each Black Optical showroom - Tulsa / OKC / Dallas



Worn by Lady Gaga, the Kuboraum Y3 sunglass is an exaggerated and sculpted cateye. Perfect for someone looking for an avant garde example of a classic shape.



The flagship Kuboraum eyeglass, the K5 is available burned, carved, and manipluated hand. Did we mention, the Kuboraum K5 is Oprah’s favorite pair of eyeglasses??