01 Vision

Passion encourages us to curate frames we love, and most of all to care for everyone as a friend.

02 Integrity

We stand behind the brands we sell and the lenses we dispense, because we believe transparency provides the greatest clarity.

03 Education

Knowledge is power and we want to unlock the potential of your new eyewear. Ask us about the 4 F’s. We love to explain the fit, function, features and feel of everything we have to offer.

04 Possibility

If you can dream it, we will do everything to help make your sun and eyewear a reality. Together, everything is possible.

05 Authenticity

Real people make fast friends. We ask for your trust, and in return you can expect our honest feedback to connect your expectations with our expertise for an original experience.

06 Value

We care how you look, but most of all we care how you feel. So we strive from the moment you visit and beyond to be attentive to your needs, always helping you clean, care for and adjust your new glasses.

07 Dedication

Handwritten notes and surprise phone calls are just a few of the ways we like to say thank you.